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K & C (Names and company names withheld at the request of the client.)


Thanks so much for your help over the past couple of years- it’s great to have someone independent and impartial to talk to about our business and the coaching you’ve given us has been really very valuable.




 Amy Mcauley- Powerhoop NZ- April 2013


Chris has coached me for a few months now and he has helped me get my business off the ground running. I have focus and vision Chris has helped me take small bite size chunks and make continual progress so far. Chris is extremely personable and trustworthy and he is very knowledgable in his field. I have entered into a long term business relationship with him and I know he will help me achieve a hugely successful business. Highly recommend him as a Business Coach.


Andrea Benvie- Owner Flex Marketing & Design– February 2013


I have attended a planning workshop led by Chris as well as benefited from his generous advice when we’ve met 1:1. What impresses me the most is the way he gets you to search deep inside for answers and makes you feel like you are solving your own problems, whereas really he is "guiding" you as all good teachers do! He knows well that for his clients to gain confidence, a sense of accomplishment and ultimately good results, his job is not to "tell" them what to do. Chris is a "natural" when it comes to teaching and his passion for what he does is obvious.


Sarah Bruce- Edible Blloms, Award Winning Gift Delivery Service– January 2013

Since i have had Chris coaching me Edible Blooms has gone from strength to strength. Chris thinks outside the box to put new ideas into the business and its great to share ideas as a sounding board that you can trust.






Annemarie Begg- Owner White Refrigeration- 2012


Chris, you have helped me achieve far more than I thought possible and you have been of great support in the tough times and the good.


Hamid Zwart- Your Builder- January 2012


Chris has been wonderful in helping us establish and reach our goals. A meeting with Chris was always a great peace of mind for us and he always left with us feeling re-focused and motivate. For someone who is ready for good honest feed back and an open attitude for change, we believe Chris will help achieved what you want. Thanks and the best Chris.

Regards Hamid


Camelia Petrus- Video Marketer, Tuatara Pictures- August 2011


Tuatara Pictures, has been using Chris Baker’s coaching services since 2009.

It is important for Tuatara Pictures to remain at forefront of New Zealand’s video production market, so in 2009, we commissioned Chris Baker to help guide our company growth.

Chris has helped us improve the way we utilise our resources and time which improves our customer service, profitability and sales.

I would recommend Chris to any business owner who is serious about growing their business.


Testimonial for Chris Baker, Action Coach

If you’re looking for a coach to improve your business DO NOT choose Chris Baker.

He will not
improve your business – he will blow it out of the water.

Ever since retaining Chris to help me expand Automation Associates in late 2003, it has been hard to keep up with the increased level of sales activity and company performance we have seen. Chris has helped me understand my business better and given me the tools to keep improving it.

Years on, hardly a day would go by when I don’t catch myself using one of Chris’s techniques somewhere in one of my companies or personal life and it is then that I am reminded just how much I owe him and the Action coaching system for the huge improvement in sales, profitability and general enjoyment of being in business.

Thanks Chris and keep up the amazing work!

Brendon Reid


Automation Associates Ltd



To whom it may concern,

Chris Baker has been coaching me since April 2007.

He is an awesome coach and mentor and I hold him in the very highest regard.

Before Chris I needed more motivation.

I am now focussed, clear-minded, relaxed, happy, motivated and invigorated.

In the time we have been working together I have improved in many areas in my personal life and business. Improvement in my self management skills have made the biggest impact by increasing my effectiveness in everything I do.

I was surprised to find that I was the biggest challenge in my life and business. Every week we worked one step at a time, to uncover a better way for me to operate. It has been a challenging experience but also a big relief to realise that success comes from the inside out, and I did not need to change people around me to get results. We just changed me and my approach instead, which is far easier than changing everyone else.

We have now set the ground work for continued success and I am really looking forward to working on more specific areas of business improvement with Chris.

Kind regards
Clinton Barnes 



DECORATORS LTD                         


16 Bluebird Crescent, Albany, Auckland 0632 Telephone (0274)963660

A/H Phone & Fax (09)4433754



Date     10/ 07 /08



Chris Baker

Action Coach



I just wanted to say how much of a profound difference there is in my life since the coaching.


Everything is falling into place now.


My profit has more than doubled.


Everything is cool.


Some stuff has taken a couple of years to kick in, and some is still kicking in.


I can’t say enough about it.


It has totally changed my life, my family’s life and my business.



David Cashmore

Owner, Diamond Decorators Ltd



To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to be able to provide this testimonial for Chris Baker. He has been a wonderful help in coaching me with my business venture.
He has provided ongoing motivation and encouraged me to reach my goals. Since I have used Chris’s services my business has evolved into a professional company with a very clear focus.

I have changed my business name which has had a very positive effect and I have taken on my first two staff.

Without Chris’s help I would have not had the confidence to make these changes happen. He has been there to answer my never-ending questions and given me the “gentle reminders” I needed to make things happen.

Marlene Rauner


Natalie Carrad

April 05



The areas that Chris has really helped me with to date include:


·        Through openly sharing his wealth of business experience and extensive studies to increase the knowledge base that I make decisions from.

·        Enthusiasm and systems to help me identify the true essence of my motivation and dreams.

·        Clear feedback to for effective improvements in the way I communicate with everyone from suppliers to customers. (This area alone was worth Chris’ commission fee)

·        An emphasis on detail and getting me to slow down and give important things, that I would not normally justify spending time on, my best attention with valuable and surprising results.

·        The companion of someone with absolute belief that ‘these actions’ are proven and will work towards creating an awesome business. This I find hard to muster up myself when my past results have not always yielded as I would like.


Over all I’ve come to value Chris’ intuition and business building knowledge (to show me how as well as the holding me accountable) to focus in the most important areas of my personal growth and business development.


Due to Chris’ input I have saved thousands of dollars and possibly years of time in designing my business. Since working with Chris my vision has revealed itself larger and much more exciting than I originally visioned. With focusing in the right areas I’ve been able to short cut and get on a much more direct path to a very exciting future.


28th June 2006

To whom it may concern,

My Father and I first met Chris at a seminar about 18months ago when our business was not running so well. We were going through some hard times and needed some guidance. We were very excited with what Action had to offer and were very pleased after meeting with Chris. However we had to face the fact that there was really no way that at that stage we were in a position to be able to afford to commit to Action. We made the decision, that as soon as we could, we would definitely sign up and improve things for the future.

After a very hard year we were finally in a position where we felt comfortable with the commitment to Action and we contacted Chris. We haven’t looked back since. In the 5 months that we’ve been working together our business has improved no end. Our employees are happier than they used to be and there is a great atmosphere in the workshop. This obviously helps management when the team that are backing them and are all pushing forward as well.

We’ve made some major changes with systems in our management and have found huge benefits in all areas. We are 100% more productive than before, have minimal downtime from our guys and things are just so much smoother. Our time is freeing up and our clients are noticing the changes and are moving along with us.

Before we joined Action, my dad (The owner of the business), had not felt comfortable enough to have a day off for about 7 years (since he started employing people). He has worked 7 days per week for 7 years. Now that the business is running much smoother he has had enough confidence to have two days off and is looking forward to more. I believe this is only due to the help we have had from Chris.

Looking back had there been any way that we could have started working with Chris and Action sooner, we would have jumped at the chance. The improvements that have been made are just fantastic and we now look forward to the challenges of each day.

We are very grateful for Chris’s help and look forward to a very bright future.

Kind Regards

Lynsey Leech
General Manager
Specialised Stainless















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