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Chris Baker
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New Zealand
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Chris Baker
If you’re spending too much of your time –
·           Chasing money that’s owed to you… and/or 
·           Fixing up mistakes made by the people you pay… and/or 
·           Staying on at work after everyone else has left… and/or  
·           Making excuses to your family about why you can’t buy what they ask for…
Then read on…

Since I joined ActionCOACH in 2001, I’ve seen literally dozens of business owners radically change their businesses in as little as 12 months using simple business principles proven in 49 countries across the globe. 

How could you do this?
·           Make the decision to take action to have a better future for yourself and your family.
·           Acknowledge that expert advice will open up more business possibilities.
·           Take the time to meet with me, Chris Baker, to plan and implement your pathway to the results you want to achieve.
Now is the absolute best time to get started converting your dreams into reality. 

Ring me now on (09) 414 6660, or 027 231 4766 for your “FREE, NO OBLIGATION” consultation.

Watch the following videos to find out what Chris’s clients have to say about his coaching –

Chris Baker through the eyes of his clients

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Investment in Coaching
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Embracing Change can be Challenging

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More background information on Chris Baker, Business Coach, Auckland NZ

By 2001, the 5 years Chris had spent teaching plus the 20 years doing accounting and owning businesses led him to becoming a business coach and mentor. His expertise in coaching my small to medium business owner clients to success is based on:

1. An in-depth knowledge of both the theory and practice of small business,
2. Commitment to discovering and delivering what they truly want,
3. Clearly understanding what does and does not motivate them to go for what they want,
4. Combining all of the above to coach them to the successes that they seek and deserve.

He has a passion for helping people to become the best that they want to be which is founded on a belief that while we were all born with the seeds of greatness, most of us spend our lives majoring in mediocrity. He thrives on the challenge of helping business owners to achieve at levels well beyond what they have previously believed is possible for them.

He specialises in:
– profit improvement so that his clients have financial security and/or financial freedom to have and do the things that they want,
– efficiency gains so that they have more free time to play with their partner, children and friends,
– team growth and development for productivity gains and easier management,
– better structure and organisation so that operating the business is uncomplicated and stress-free.

Because a smaller business is very much an extension of the beliefs and values of its owner, he also specialises in personal growth & development. The more his clients grow, the more their businesses grow.

Now is the absolute best time to get started on your dreams and goals. If you’re ready to move your business to the next level, contact me today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Find out how you can change the way you do business to achieve the results you deserve!

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Chris Baker is a successful business owner and business coach.
Chris has always known he wanted to be a coach, right from the time when he was just 12 years old and he was invited to coach his local Under 7 Rugby Team. It seems like ever since then there has never been a time when he hasn’t been teaching, coaching or mentoring somebody.
As a child, Chris grew up in an environment where helping others to become better was just “what we did”. With a Flying Instructor father, Teacher mother and Speech Therapist sister, the conversation at home inevitably centred around “what it takes to help people perform beyond their expectations”.
After a stint as a Primary School Teacher, Chris joined the Accounting profession because he wanted to help business owners do better in their businesses. What he found was that his Accounting training did nothing to prepare him for motivating and teaching business owners. Worse than that, it seemed that almost everybody in the profession was so concerned about the possibility of being sued that they deliberately steered clear of giving anything other than superficial advice to their business owner clients.
Chris’s association with ActionCOACH began in 1999, at a Franchise Expo where he came across the Action stand. From that moment, he knew that he’d found what he’d been looking for throughout his working career.
After watching 2 of his colleagues join Action and enjoy success, Chris took the plunge in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since.
Chris’s successes as an Action Coach include:
  • Achieving the status of Gold Master Coach in 2004 in recognition of his achievements in Action and the successes of his clients.
  • Awarded Team Player of the Year in 2005 for contributions to Action NZ
  • Coach of the winner of Action NZ’s “Most Innovative Business” award in 2006
  • In 2007, election to “The President’s Club”, a select group of longer serving coaches who are invited from time to time to participate in the planning and the future direction of ActionCOACH
  • Awarded Team Player of the Year again in 2008.
  • Coach of the winner of Action NZ’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008.
Successes enjoyed by Chris’s clients include:
  • Manufacturer whose profit increased from $150,000 per annum to well over $1,000,000 while staff only increased from 4 to 10.
  • Computer hardware seller whose profit tripled in 6 months.
  • Landscaper whose turnover doubled in 6 months.
  • Book-keeper whose turnover tripled in 12 months.
  • Home Automation supplier whose average sale value went from $8k to nearly $80k.
Before joining ActionCOACH, among the many things that Chris had done was to start the Whangarei based Northland Breweries in 1994. After winning many national and international awards, Chris sold the brewery. Now known as Brauhaus Frings, the brewery continues to be a favourite with locals and tourists.
Over the years, Chris has invested in excess of $100,000 into his own personal growth and development. He believes that this investment will continue to provide benefit to his current and future clients for many years to come.
Chris has 2 adult children. A daughter, Katey and a son Harry, both of whom have been outstanding performers scholastically and socially. He maintains good health with power walking (up to10 km most days in the summer, and a little less in the winter) as well as regular fishing trips in the Hauraki Gulf.
As an ActionCOACH, Chris is fulfilling his dream. He says, “I’m passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and perform beyond their expectations.” ActionCoach is in total alignment with my Purpose Statement… “Helping people to release the greatness that lies dormant within them.”
Chris’s positive attitude and self confidence leads to high levels of motivation in his clients. It also inspires them to see the potential that they often don’t see within themselves.
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